Find My Max

To find your true 1 rep maximum there is no substitute to getting under the weight and seeing exactly what you can do. This however isn’t always the safest thing. It may also not always be an option. This form uses an average of the results from the 5 most commonly used equations to determine your estimated 1 rep maximum. Enter the weight lifted and the number of reps completed without assistance prior to failure in the form to find your projected max. ¬†While the estimate will be close to your one rep max it may not be 100% accurate. The purpose of this calculator is to give you an estimate of your one rep max and the percentages of that estimate that can be used in strength training programs that require that information.

Attempting to find your maximum requires going to failure, NEVER attempt to find your max whether it is a 1 rep max, a 12 rep max or somewhere in between without a spotter or proper spotting equipment.