Heavy is Relative

When it comes to lifting weights I always suggest lifting heavy and I am always met with responses ranging from “I don’t want to get bulky!” to “I can’t lift 500lbs!!!” I believe the second one stems from social media. When we go on social media we see all of these people putting up huge … Read more

Watch Out! For Hidden Calories

In my last article I discussed calories in vs calories out being the main metric you should be concerned with if you are strictly trying to lose weight. I said that overall it’s terrible advice and that you won’t necessarily lose only fat. The intention of these articles is for them to be building blocks … Read more

The “Secret” to Weight Loss

I’m going to just go ahead and ruin this right from the start… there is no “secret.” When it comes to losing weight the formula is deceptively simple, calories in must be less than calories out. That’s it. What does this mean practically? Practically it means that you must consume less food than you burn … Read more